Nolan never fell asleep alone either for nap or at night, he needed us to be near him in our bed for an hour rocking him to fall asleep.

He would wake up in the night so that we could take him back in our arms to go back to sleep.

He always ended up sleeping with us Nous had tried to put him in bed with a little musical night light, but it didn’t work.

Amira really took the time to give us all the information and specially to answer all our questions and concerns.

She considered our fears, our anxieties, and our stress !!

It was very reassuring to be accompanied and listened to.

Today, Nolan sleeps alone, every day at the same time and he no longer wakes up in the night to be taken with us.

His naps are longer as well.

Our baby is less tired during the day and has more energy.

We found our evenings but especially nights of sleep.

Régine & Chris, parents of Nolan 19 months.