Sleep Consultant

The Sleep Philosophy

Just like his diet, the child’s sleep is fundamental, because it participates in his good development and good health. Indeed, quality sleep promotes the physiological, motor and intellectual development of the child.

Regarding sleep, it is commonly accepted that a baby who does not sleep (outside the first three months) “it’s normal, it’s like that”.

However, if baby encounters difficulties in feeding we will all urgently seek reasons and solutions from our doctors.

I now know that there are also opportunities to accompany your baby towards a falling asleep and beautiful nights of sleep serene and recuperative.

Above all, a difficulty sleeping is a problematic situation for the baby, the child and the parent(s). This is a situation that often generates immense fatigue and even exhaustion of the child, of baby, also of his parents. It is the whole family that is impacted.

Sleep difficulties can be of several types and be according to age:

  • Confusion of day and night;
  • Difficulty falling asleep;
  • Awakenings nocturnals;
  • Absence of sieste;
  • Micro-nap;
  • Awakenings too early;
  • Nightmares;
  • Night terrors.

Because each child is unique, each parent is unique, each situation is unique,  I accompany you to solve your difficulties.

Let’s be clear, I would never ask you to let your child cry alone in his room without responding to his crying.

Listening, kindness and gentleness are values that I embody and are an integral part of my accompaniment.

I am committed to offering each child serene, restorative nights and to you, moments,  where you can enjoy your free time because by the time you read these lines you have (perhaps) forgotten it but YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to rest.

Here are the key steps of my accompaniment.

  1. A first free telephone appointment is organized to discuss your situation. This will allow me to assess how I can help you and understand what stage of development your child is at.
  2. I send you a detailed questionnaire and after analyzing your answers, I establish a complete, personalized and accurate sleep plan for your child.
  3. We organize a telephone exchange to explain how baby’s sleep works, what are his needs and I detail the plan step by step. I help you to implement it concretely.
  4. Then I accompany you throughout the predefined period to see what are the evolutions, the progress and answer your possible questions. We exchange regularly via phone calls, messages, emails.
  5. We celebrate together the success of the accompaniment and the regained sleep of baby.

Do not hesitate to make an appointment for free and without obligation here.

See you soon.

Amira – Les Nuits de  Bébé.