“Mahé didn’t sleep more than an hour straight and always in our arms.

We were able to raise all our concerns and ask all the questions we wanted.

Amira is very attentive.

She was convinced that our baby’s sleep problem could be overcome, so we felt reassured.

Also, as a mother who suffered from the same “sleep deprivation” problems, we knew she could understand our situation.

We better understood our baby’s sleep difficulties, all the advice was very clear and personalized.

Now we can put baby in his bed, and he gets into asleep.

It also has an effective sleep routine.

Today, Mahé sleeps very well, at night and for naps. He has more energy during the day.

We had back problems from carrying our baby all day and now everything is better.

Finally, we also sleep and so we are more relaxed with our eldest son (2 years old) and pass more quality time with him.”

Rachel & Jean-Luc – Parents of Mahé 5 months